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The America-Israel Chamber of Commerce has fostered the expansion of economic relations between the United States and Israel for over 56 years.   As the only organization totally devoted to bringing US and Israeli businesses together, our goals are to:

  • Advance and protect free trade
  • Advocate for policies that encourage investment
  • Increase the flow of trade, investment and transfer of technology
  • Encourage the US and Israeli governments to adopt innovative and progressive economic programs and policies

The America Israel Chamber of Commerce has proven itself as an effective voice for the US-Israel business community.    Executives and professionals who are engaged in bilateral trade and investment recognize that their interests are best safeguarded by their participation and involvement in an organization devoted to maintaining an environment that maximizes the potential and profitability of its members.  Together we address current issues facing business and industry and share strategies for growth and development. Our diverse programs and services afford members a unique opportunity to develop high-level business contacts and to exchange ideas and information with a constituency encompassing business, trade and government interests.
Board of Directors
The Chamber hosts a variety of business and social events:

  • Providing information to members and soliciting their input on policy issues
  • Facilitating substantive interaction between members and US/Israeli policy makers
  • Organizing business delegations to Israel and hosting Israeli delegations to the US
  • Hosting programs with government officials and business associations.
  • Maintaining  a dialogue with relevant governmental offices and agencies

Recent events have included presentations by Yarom Ariav, Director General of Israel's Ministry of Finance, NYC Comptroller Bill Thompson,  H.E. Eli Yishai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor; Dr. Robert Hormats, Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs (International) and Managing Director of Goldman Sachs & Co.; Eric Benhamou, Chairman of 3Com, Palm One, PalmSource and the Israel Venture Network; Ambassador Richard Jones, U.S. Ambassador to Israel, and Chemi Peres, Managing General Partner and Co-Founder of Pitango Venture Capital. Business exchange conferences on Knowledge Management, Israel Life Sciences, Alternative and Renewable Energy, Nanotechnology and Green Buildings have brought together US and Israeli academics, researchers and business leaders.

Opportunities for expansion of trade and investment with Israel continue to grow.  Israel's workforce and highly developed technological infrastructure for data communications, telecommunications, software, biotechnology, nanotechnology, security, transportation, and high-end manufacturing is among the best in the world. Membership in the Chamber offers the means to participate in this expansion by providing up-to-date information, contacts with targeted business and government leaders, and introductions to new business ventures.  In a word, membership in the Chamber is an essential and invaluable vehicle for any individual or organization that wishes to penetrate the Israeli marketplace.